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ODBC to Oracle 12c - Unable to set Progress OEM-branded license.

edited May 29, 2019 6:07AM in ODBC


I am trying to use Oracle's ODBC driver from Instant Client with 3rd party application to connect to Oracle 12c database.

I installed Oracle Instant Client 18.5 (linux x64 version from RPM) using basic + devel package to CentOS 6.7 and configured the application to use it for connecting to the database. I configured all the properties correctly, but when connecting to the database, I am getting this error:

Error! An error occurred creating an ODBC connection for DSN: OracleODBC The trapped error is: Unable to set Progress OEM-branded license.

Does anybody have any idea what can be causing this issue and why Oracle ODBC driver doesn't work as supposed?