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Issues connecting MS Excel/Access 2019 to 18c XE

3329564 Member Posts: 8

I recently upgraded from XE 11g to 18c, and now I cannot connect from MS Access and Excel to my XE via ODBC. Everything was working just fine previously on 11g. I am using 64-bit for all applications and Windows 10 OS.

I am able to setup the ODBC connection and test the ping successfully. I am also able to login into XE via SqlDeveloper and SqlPlus successfully.


But when I try to connect to XE via Power Query, Power Pivot, or Access I get these connection errors:



Interestingly a pass through query in Access works fine

pass through.png

Choc CacSven W.

Best Answer

  • 3329564
    3329564 Member Posts: 8
    edited Jun 5, 2019 10:07PM Answer ✓

    Hey everyone, I solved it!

    You have to set the service name to XEPDB1. The 11g service name was just XE, but the new pluggable db changes things a bit.

    Once I did that everything worked as expected!

    successful login.png

    Choc CacSven W.