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Does R47071 creates Lots if the item being received has lot processing enabled ?

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I am processing EDI 856 for receiving items using R47072. In my EDI files F47071 and F47072 I have the Lot Number populated. When the UBE runs the line is received successfully but Lot is not created in F4108. Why ?

The purchase order line reflects the correct amount received and the lines gets closed in F4311 as the order quantity has been met. But no lot is created. Am I missing something ?


  • Jim-D
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    Welcome!  There isn't a lot of traffic in the space  - probably because of the "Chinese" designation.

    There is not a dedicated space in English for E1 in this Oracle Community, but there are several E1 subspaces in the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC), which is available to you if you have an active Oracle Support account.

    I suggest you repost your question in , so that the E1 experts can see your question.

    Good luck!

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