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Access control exception - access denied

Hi Everyone,

I have a server and I need to remote control through Java based application.

In the Java console I see this info:

Java Plug-in x86
Using JRE version 1.8.0_181-b13 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
User home directory = C:\Users\ETVKX

Unfortunately due to errors this is impossible:

1. At first there is Java Application blocked error (ApplicationBlocked.jpg)

- adding the presented URL to the Java exception list solves (probably) the problem as I see new errors as described in next point.


2. Next I receive two different errors:

a) AccessControlException for FilePermission


b) AccessControlException for PropertyPermission (mcs.debug.error)

mcs.debug error.PNG

I added the three below lines in the server java.policy file to avoid the errors:

permission ", "connect";

permission java.util.PropertyPermission "mcs.debug", "read";

permission "C:\Users\ETVKX\IBM\", "read";

But I still receive the same two errors presented in point 2.

- Whats the difference between local and remote java policy file? Where should I put the rules?

- What is "mcs.debug" ? Is this Java related?

- Is the syntax correct that I am using inside java policy file?

- What additional policies I can use to avoid the errors?

Any help would be useful for me as I am struggling for more than month now. Thx.