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Fixing start issues - certificate - self-signed certificate


for my master thesis I developed a medical client-server-application in bioinformatics with Java. I will write a scientific paper for a publication in a journal.

Therefore, for the scientific opinion, the application has to work and start properly. It must be ease for a user to execute the application without requesting the user to change his Java runtime security settings. An execution might not be certain, after a Java update an execution of the JAR file or a webstart could be denied. A start must be reliable and user-friendly. Otherwise my paper will not be accepted and the application will only be used by a few users.

I am originally a C# developer. Compared to .NET an execution of the application is not so easy.

After publishing Java requires a certificate for an execution. Creating one and signing one is an additional effort.

After that Java throws an exception because the certificate is self-signed.

It is a lot to do to fix or avoid restrictive issues.

How can I fix that exception so that a start might be no problem for a user?

Would later Java versions still allow an execution?

Best wishes