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Oracle XE 18c installation stuck in Windows 10 Pro

Hello, I've got the same problem as other people. The installer stalls forever trying to create the first DB. This is Windows 10 Pro version 1903.
At this point, pressing the Cancel button has no effect: the installation is not terminated.
As several messages are in Spanish, I'm going to translate them manually (they may not match the native English messages). This is what I found in several log files:

1) cfgtoollogs\dbca: inside this directory, logs and the lck file are zero bytes in length.

2) cfgtoollogs\netca\netca_OraDB18Home1*.log:
Listener configuration finished.
Configuration of the default local nomenclature finished.
Oracle network services have been configured correctly. Exit code is 0

3) cfgtoollogs\netca\trace_OraDB18Home1*.log:
[nativesystem.WindowsNative.Native]  Key 'Software\Oracle\Ocr' does not exist
[nativesystem.WindowsNative.Native]  Key 'Software\Oracle\Olr' does not exist
[ConfigureListener.isPortFree:1285]  Creating ServerSocket on Port:1521, wildcald InetAddress: /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0
[ConfigureListener.isPortFree:1288]  Created ServerSocket successfully.
[ConfigureListener.isPortFree:1309]  Creating ServerSocket on Port:1521, Local IP Address: /
[ConfigureListener.isPortFree:1313]  Created ServerSocket successfully.
[ConfigureListener.isPortFree:1319]  Creating ServerSocket on Port:1521
[ConfigureListener.isPortFree:1322]  Created ServerSocket successfully.
[ConfigureListener.isPortFree:1342]  Returning is Port 1521 free: true
[WindowsServiceUtils.getLsnrWinSerName:75]  LISTENER: Windows Service Name: OracleOraDB18Home2TNSListener
[OsUtilsBase.isServiceExists:923]   isServiceExists ?  OracleOraDB18Home2TNSListener   OracleOraDB18Home2TNSListener
[WindowsServiceUtils.getLsnrWinSerName:75]  LISTENER: Windows Service Name: OracleOraDB18Home2TNSListener
[WindowsServiceUtils.setWinServiceToAutoStart:94]  Setting Windows service "OracleOraDB18Home2TNSListener" to start automatically...
[WindowsServiceUtils.setWinServiceToAutoStart:102]  Windows service "OracleOraDB18Home2TNSListener" is set to start automatically.
[SilentConfigure.performSilentConfigure:214]  Typical service alias configuration.

So far so good, it seems the installation went well. However, the installation process is still stuck at "creating Oracle XE database". I found another log in other directory:

4) dbhomeXE\log\<machine_name>\client\TNSLSNR_9612.log
gipcmodNetworkAsyncComplete: [network]  error for endp 000002378D24AEB0, req 000002378D1EB760, type sgipcnreqtypeConnect (1), data 0000000000000000, sret sgipcretConnectionRefused (28)
gipcmodNetworkAsyncComplete: slos op  :  sgipcwWait
gipcmodNetworkAsyncComplete: slos dep :  Remote equipment rejected the network connection. (1225)
gipcmodNetworkAsyncComplete: slos loc :  GetQueueComp
gipcmodNetworkAsyncComplete: slos info:  failed for over 000002378BBA0AC0
gipcInternalConnectSync: failed sync request, ret gipcretConnectionRefused (29)
gipcConnectSyncF [clscrsconGipcConnect : clscrscon.c : 681]: EXCEPTION[ ret gipcretConnectionRefused (29) ]  failed sync connect endp 000002378D24AEB0 [0000000000000028] { gipcEndpoint : localAddr 'clsc://(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=', remoteAddr 'clsc://(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=', numPend 0, numReady 0, numDone 0, numDead 0, numTransfer 0, objFlags 0x0, pidPeer 0, readyRef 0000000000000000, ready 0, wobj 000002378D24B8E0, sendp 000002378D24D4F0 status 13flags 0x2008071a, flags-2 0x0, usrFlags 0x0 }, addr 000002378D24E750 [000000000000002b] { gipcAddress : name 'clsc://(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=', objFlags 0x0, addrFlags 0x4 }, flags 0x0
ut_read_reg:2:ocr registry key SOFTWARE\Oracle\olr cannot be opened. error 2

What remote equipment is the log referencing? I'm not in a company's network, I'm using my private computer at home.
Also, the process "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" is growing endlessly. I guess you don't control errors inside the code trying to create the db and so the program leaks memory?
At the time I killed it, it was using 1.5 GB of RAM.

C'mon, I've installed in this computer Firebird, MySql, SqlServer and PostgreSql. Guess what? They install quickly and without errors.
Why are you making the Oracle XE installation so painfully complex?
I have in the network adapter "client for MS networks" and "printer and files sharing" but I guess the problem is that I have some services not running. As I said, this is my computer directly connected to the Internet.
I just wanted to refresh my old basic knowledge of stored procs but I see that after many years, Oracle still requires a mastery of black magic to be installed.

Maybe I should wait for another release?





  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 2,167 Employee
    edited Jul 15, 2019 3:36PM

    There's been a few common issues we are seeing, lets make sure you are not hitting them:

    1) Is ORACLE_HOME or TNS_ADMIN set in the environment? Go to a command prompt, type "set". You will need to temporarily unset any such environment variables.

    4) On your network adapter that you are using, check (enable) "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".

    5) Check to see if Netbios is enabled on your network connection:

    See this link for more info:

    6) In some cases, antivirus has interfered with an installation. Try installing without anti-virus.

    7) Try creating a local user and adding to local administrator group and then log in and install as that user.

  • 3722412
    3722412 Member Posts: 1
    edited Jul 17, 2019 11:48AM

    As few folks suggested I upgraded from

    Win 10 Home to Win 10 Enterprise

    removed virus software

    I have admin access to Windows

    the Environment variable does not contain Oracle_Home,

    network configuration shows check (enable) "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".

    Stil after about 95% (visually looking at the progress bar), installation of Oracel XE starts reversing and fails.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 2,167 Employee
    edited Jul 23, 2019 6:19PM

    What about step #5 above? Did you do that?

    Is TNS_ADMIN set in the environment?

  • I have follow all the above steps but still it stucks at 95% and its not completing the installation.

    What to do now? should we need to cancel?