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Form with 72+ items, Apex can handle this?

PaoloRicardos Member Posts: 16 Red Ribbon
edited Jul 19, 2019 4:16AM in APEX Discussions

Hi There,

I have an Form with 18 questions, each question have one radio group (yes/no). If the answer is NO you need to insert a Comment (text field) up to 3 Comments for each question and/or File Browser (to save a Word Document file),  the comments are hidden dynamically, that only shows up if the answer is NO.

At the end will be the max of 72+ input in the database.

it's ok to Apex handle this? if not what is the best practice?




  • Mint-Innit
    Mint-Innit Member Posts: 379 Silver Badge
    edited Jul 19, 2019 3:09AM

    I have a couple of forms with way more than this (there are reasons!) and it works fine. There used to be a limit of 200 items, but I've a feeling that doesn't exist in later versions of APEX?

    **edit** here you go:

    Oracle Application Express Limits.  It used to have a limit of '200 enterable items per page' which is not there since 18 I think.


  • Sven W.
    Sven W. Member Posts: 10,559 Gold Crown
    edited Jul 19, 2019 4:16AM

    I would think that it is enough to show the question number, the question,the radio button answer + up to 3 comments. So a total of 6-8 items (hidden question id, hidden next question ID) on a single page. Then use a way to navigate to the next question. Which is shown by navigating to the same page, but calling it for a different question ID.

    That way the number of possible APEX items (which is 400 now I think) does not play any role.

    Of cause you can choose to hardcode everything on one page, but then you would need to change this page whenever you want to add a new question.