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Jmc (Java Mission Control) executable/library is not present on Solaris flavor of JDK 1.8_221 but is

User_4ZGYZ Member Posts: 15 Red Ribbon
edited Aug 30, 2019 3:42PM in Java Mission Control

Hi Java Gurus,

I wanted JMC to monitor few hung java processes on a Solaris box, so download Oracle JDK 1.8_221 and didn't file the execuable jmc under bin dir.

Is there a diff way to start Mission control on Solaris flavor. The exe is available in the Linux flavor.

Solaris JAVA_HOME/bin

-bash-3.2$ ls

appletviewer  jarsigner     javadoc       jconsole      jinfo         jrunscript    jstatd        orbd          rmid          servertool    wsgen

extcheck      java          javah         jdb           jjs           jsadebugd     jvisualvm     pack200       rmiregistry   sparcv9       wsimport

idlj          java-rmi.cgi  javap         jdeps         jmap          jstack        keytool       policytool    schemagen     tnameserv     xjc

jar           javac         jcmd          jhat          jps           jstat         native2ascii  rmic          serialver     unpack200

-bash-3.2$ ls -l *jmc*

*jmc*: No such file or directory

Linux JAVA_HOMe/bin


[[email protected] bin]$ ls

appletviewer  idlj       java     javafxpackager  javapackager  jcmd      jdb    jinfo  jmc      jrunscript  jstat      keytool       pack200     rmid         serialver   unpack200  xjc

ControlPanel  jar        javac    javah           java-rmi.cgi  jconsole  jdeps  jjs    jmc.ini  jsadebugd   jstatd     native2ascii  policytool  rmiregistry  servertool  wsgen

extcheck      jarsigner  javadoc  javap           javaws        jcontrol  jhat   jmap   jps      jstack      jvisualvm  orbd          rmic        schemagen    tnameserv   wsimport

[[email protected] bin]$ ls -l *jmc*

-rwxr-xr-x. 1 boomprd infosys 74675 Dec  7  2017 jmc

-rwxr-xr-x. 1 boomprd infosys   402 Dec  7  2017 jmc.ini

[[email protected] bin]$

Can anyone shed some lights on this ?

Regards, Amit


  • Erik - Hotspot Engineer-Oracle
    edited Aug 30, 2019 3:42PM

    Unfortunately JMC is not available on Solaris.

    If you want to use JMC for JFR capabilities, you can make a recording on Solaris by starting JFR on command line, using the jcmd tool or connect to the host from Windows, Mac or Linux machine over JMX.

    If you want to use JMC for JMX monitoring, there is always JConsole as an alternative.