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Servlet is unavailable

We are running an application in which we have different servlets available in each context(lets say, context A has servlet S1 and S2 in the jar J1 and they are inter dependent).

- Servlet S1 is used to perform some dynamic actions in the application.

- One certain class/method from different context(say context B) is hitting this servlet S1 to perform one dynamic action.(Dynamic action - A program/application which copies the jars (like patching),this list of jars includes the jar J1 also)

- Now, while this dynamic action is being performed , For few times this servlet S1 is becoming unavailable(returning 500 error) and is available few times.

- To conclude, that servlet S1 is uncertain during this dynamic action.


- Glassfish4 application server

- Java 1.8.0_192

- We tried the same scenario in Tomcat 7,8 versions, but we are not facing this problem.

- We tried application reload option in Applications Configuration tab(please find the screenshot) but no use.


Do we have any other option with which we can solve this problem ?