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Any suggestions getting Oracle designer 10 working on oracle 12c and windows10?

User_CN7HD Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited Jul 25, 2019 4:38AM in Designer

Dear oracle designer users,

Any suggestions getting Oracle designer 10 working on oracle 12c and windows10?

I know oracle doesnt support it on that architecture mix. But are there any brave users with experience using it on 12c & win10?

Installing is possible, with windows compatibility XP option on. However connecting to an oracle 12c designer repository gives many troubles.

Are there users with a functioning oracle designer on windows10?


  • Mark Striekwold
    Mark Striekwold Member Posts: 442 Bronze Badge
    edited Jul 25, 2019 4:38AM


    I updated Oracle Designer to Windows 7 and Oracle DB 11.1 a long time ago. I had some difficulties while installing on Windows 7(64 bit) and after installing a few components of Oracle Designer no longer worked. Had to do some tricks like installing with a different installer, since the old installer did not work. Had to copy some dll's in the path of Oracle Designer so it would find those dll's and not the ones from Windows.

    The RON and the design editor worked fine so for that customer this solution worked fine. We also ran in some issues with the performance, but this was due to the database. Some settings would speed up the RON but not the Designer Editor en vice versa.  So I think this might also work for WIndows 10. But like I said not all the designer components were working anymore, some of them are written in 16bit. And we are mostly running 64bit nowadays.

    We did not work with Oracle DB 11.2 since we ran into problems with the repository, So I don't think it will work on Oracle 12c.