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Dynamic download text for Download Blob

Scott Wesley
Scott Wesley Systems Consultant & TrainerPerth, AustraliaMember Posts: 6,272 Gold Crown
edited Jul 30, 2019 1:57AM in APEX Discussions

This issue rings a bell, though I thought it would either be fixed already, or my search-foo is failing me.

Classic report on a table with a blob, so I include a column type 'Download Blob'

I'd like the download text to be the filename, but this attribute doesn't seem to accept row-level substitutions. I can substitute a &P1_ITEM., but I have rows of data. I'd like the substitution to be relevant to the data within the row.


&FILENAME. syntax returns null, and alone it would be replaced by the 'Download' text


I also tried :FILENAME, which is cleared on save; and #FILENAME#, which returns verbatim.

An alternative, which I'm sure I've done before but couldn't find the example, was to embed the data within another column.

<span class="filename" data-filename="#FILENAME#">#CREATED_BY#</span>

Then run this JavaScript After Refresh of the region.

$('.filename').each(function() { $(this).closest('tr').find('td[headers=OUTPUT_BLOB] a').text( $(this).data('filename'));});


Is there a better way?

This is with APEX 18.2