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Numeric Value Out of Range error when querying Large Tables (2+ billion rows) via Oracle ODBC client

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We query Oracle tables using Microsoft Access GUI via Oracle Client (using 32 bit Oracle Instant Client v18.5 and MS Access 2016).

When linking large tables, I get the error "[Oracle] [ODBC] Numeric Value out of range (#0)" . By large tables I mean tables with more than ~2.14 billion rows ( I believe exact threshold for this error is 2^31 ) .

I did came across an Oracle support documentation describing this issue.

The solution proposed in the document is not viable for us as we don't want to mess with the DBMS_STATS.SET_TABLE_STATS table. 

Although the Oracle support put the blame on MS Access, we found that using a third party ODBC driver (from Dewart) will solve the issue. However we want to avoid paying license fee for the third party software if possible.

Does anyone know a way to fix this issue without buying third party software?