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dbxtool uses 32 bit version of dbx instead of 64 bit version (linux)

When I start dbxtool from the command line via dbxtool "my_prog my_args", the GUI launches and a popup appears saying

dbx: 32-bit dbx can't debug 64-bit app

I installed developer studio 12.6 from the tar.bz2 file on Linux RHEL7 and added


to my path.

Note that dbx -c "runargs my_args" my_prog starts just fine.

I read that the workaround was to stop the originally launched dbx and reload the program which does indeed work but that is rather inconvenient and I would really like to get this working out of the box. Can someone help me on this? (Editing the startup scripts etc. would not be a problem for me)


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    edited August 2019

    Correction: stopping the initially loaded 32 bit dbx and reloading the executable does not work, it gives the same problem: dbx: 32-bit dbx can't debug 64-bit app

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    The only workaround I found is to make the 32 bit dbx in OracleDeveloperStudio12.6-linux-x86-bin/developerstudio12.6/lib/dbx/32 unavailable, e.g. rename it

    mv OracleDeveloperStudio12.6-linux-x86-bin/developerstudio12.6/lib/dbx/32/dbx OracleDeveloperStudio12.6-linux-x86-bin/developerstudio12.6/lib/dbx/32/dbx.bak

    Which is fine with me as I do not intend to debug 32 bit applications anyway. But I'd still like to know whether there's a more convenient option.

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