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Does dbx/dbxtool work with Intel Fortran compiled programs

I have a huge program that is mixed C/C++/Fortran where most of it is in Fortran (main function is C++) and everything is compiled using Intel compilers (ifort, icc, icpc). When I try to debug that using dbxtool, that only seems to work for C/C++ part. I cannot enter the Fortran part and the call stack shows no lines for the respective source files or dbx crashes when trying to show the call stack. In cases where the stack trace can be shown, only disassembly is displayed when clicking the respective frame in a fortran file. I cannot set breakpoints in the f90 source files, I always get

dbx: internal warning: SrcLocClosure::iterate("atm_solver_fcns.o"): no fixed_first_line > 0