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Form close and not responding when recording script using Openscript

User_BVA4S Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

Hi Experts,

OATS / OpenScript Version B262.

During script recording, we are using Internet Explorer 11 to call form servlet and we have no issue in login page.

After a while, Form is close and not responding and Openscript unable to continues record.

After reviewing (Url:, I Run OpenScript  as an administrator but error still exists.

Anyone having this issue?


Internet Explorer crashing when recording with Openscript - OATS

This issue is encountered when we record scripts using Openscript, the browser crashes and you will not able to proceed with recording of the functional test scenario.

Possible solution: You need to start OATS / Open script with admin privileges that is you need to right click on open script and select "Run As Administrator". It might be annoying to start the open script every time with "Run As Administrator" instead you can let OATS/Openscript always open with admin privileges.

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