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HTML Report not generating table of contents file

user12134902 Member Posts: 2

I have just installed Data Modeler v19.1.0. I am trying to generate an HTML report (data dictionary) from my model. I have checked the "Generate HTML report TOC in Separate File" option. When my report is generated, I see NO toc file. Just one main HTML file. I am used to seeing three files generated. On version 17.3.0, this works fine. I am using a custom template. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks.



  • Dimitar Slavov-Oracle
    Dimitar Slavov-Oracle Member Posts: 346 Employee
    edited Aug 23, 2019 8:31AM


    Actually it is not working in 17.3.0. Let me explain.

    When generating report from the reporting repository you can not use custom report template at all. The button 'Generate report' is disabled and there is a hint on the tab.

    Custom report templates can be used only when generating report for loaded design (existing, imported etc.).

    When using custom report template there is single paged tabular view report. There is no TOC.

    If you see TOC it is because the report is generated with default or 'standard' template.


  • user12134902
    user12134902 Member Posts: 2
    edited Aug 21, 2019 2:25PM

    Thanks Dimitar for shedding some light.

    Well, I must have my wires crossed then. This may have worked in the past, but it clearly does not work now - with either version.

    I will use the standard template then. Since the dictionary I am publishing to my users is extensive, having that TOC is very helpful for navigating all the information. The formatting might not be exactly what I want, but it is close enough. Cheers.

  • Rajesh Manivannan
    Rajesh Manivannan Member Posts: 16 Green Ribbon

    hi…. Is there any default page setup for subview? I created subview for one fact table which shows relationship with respective dim tables. When I generated HTML report, in the TOC file few relationships showing as broken. I believe I need to do some alignment in the page. Could you please help me with correct page setup if there is any.

    also…. How to align all the tables with same size (both height and width) ?

    Thanks !