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ASP.Net Website project compilation errors when using Oracle 12c Client 12.2 64 bit

user10395468 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2019 in ODP.NET

Hi all,

i have a Asp.NET website project which is now getting migrated to use Oracle 12C client 12.2 64 bit ( Oracle.DataAccess.dll 12.2 64 bit ) version and target .net framework 4.7.2.

i replaced all references to the above Oracle.DataAccess.dll version . Did code modifications to use OracleDataAccess instead of

And tried to build the website from Visual studio 2017 IDE . Its throwing below compilation error . it doesn't says any file or line no # .







Suppression State


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Also, if i open any aspx page in the website using Visual Studio Solution explorer , its showing various errors for each and every control defined the page.

Some of the error codes - BC30506, BC30002, BC30451 etc.

Anyone came across with these type of issues when using Oracle.DataAccess.dll 12.2 64 bit in a Website project. 

Any help is really appreciated.




  • Alex Keh-Oracle
    Alex Keh-Oracle Posts: 2,753 Employee
    edited August 2019

    This error generally means ODP.NET was not correctly configured or installed, such as your app not being able to find the ODP.NET assembly. I'm not familiar with the ASP.NET error codes.

    If this is the first use of ODP.NET with this app and you don't need any additional unmanaged ODP.NET only functionality, I recommend using managed ODP.NET (Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll). It's a 100% managed code assembly making set up and config easier.  You can find this assembly on the NuGet Gallery.

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