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Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid!

GSun Member Posts: 67

I am trying to populate a Listbox control with values from an Oracle database11g xe. But it raises this error every time:

Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid! so I handled the nulls from the database level. The error stop popping up but the Listbox control still remain blank.

I used following code:

Dim G_conn As New OracleConnection(Form3.g_JUNODb) 
Dim go_cmd As New OracleCommand
go_cmd.Connection = G_conn
go_cmd.CommandText = "select nvl(description,'desc'),nvl(qty,'0'), nvl(selling_price,'1'),nvl(Amount,'1') from RICHCUT.current_sale1"
go_cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text 
Dim G_dataReader As OracleDataReader = go_cmd.ExecuteReader()
While G_dataReader.Read() ListBox1.Items.Add(CStr(G_dataReader.Item("description")).PadRight(32) + "   N" + CStr(G_dataReader.Item("selling_price")) + "   (" + CStr(G_dataReader.Item("qty")) + ")   N" + CStr(G_dataReader.Item("amount"))) 
End While 

I have used these lines before and the application is working well. Just copied the same application and this problem started to my greatest surprise! I did not even add the nvl bla bla bla to the original select statement that's working!I need urgent help please.Thanks in anticipation..
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