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How to sign PDF automatically from USB Token with APEX

Soukaina IDRISSI
Soukaina IDRISSI Member Posts: 896 Bronze Badge
edited Sep 13, 2019 10:41PM in APEX Discussions

Hi Experts,
I have to realize an application, which allows to select a list of documents (being in a table of the database) using IG, and to click on the button BTN_SIGN, the latter will be able to load the files selected by the user, in the server and then to sign them automatically throught the parameters (public key, private key, signature, and certificate) found in a USB (Im using a GEMALTO USB Key SmartCard) plugged into the client's machine.

Thank you for your suggestions, or tracks allowing me to achieve this.

Scott Wesley


  • GasparYYC
    GasparYYC Calgary, ABMember Posts: 141 Blue Ribbon
    edited Sep 13, 2019 8:37PM


    You have to investigate if there are command line options to sign the documents.. If there are, then you can build an application that can read/select  the documents and apply the command line options via call to (as an example) an Operating System script with the the appropriate arguments.

    This is not an easy task given that the functionality you're mentioning has to invoke some sort of functionality outside of the database and ORDS. Of course you can build a service that listens for the right arguments and the service is the one that completes the request, a service of this kind is not in scope of Oracle APEX capabilities, it would need to be a Java, Shell, NodeJS kind of service...  again, not an easy or beginner kind of task.

    Good luck,

    Scott Wesley
  • Fernando Lima
    Fernando Lima EcuadorMember Posts: 126 Blue Ribbon
    edited Sep 13, 2019 10:41PM

    I'm agree with the above commentary.

    I have seen that the best way is use "java" to create a sign routine, and call it using database.

    However, remember that you have to store some sign files on the server, hence, this task is very difficult to use on the client side.