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Oracle Big Data Appliance supports which Cloudera Version??

slonial-Oracle Posts: 24 Employee
edited Nov 16, 2019 7:58PM in Big Data Connectors/Hadoop

We are part of Oracle Retail Business Unit and will be integrating Oracle Big Data Appliance software with Oracle Database 19c.

As part of the effort we will be going through security approvals for third-party licenses like Cloudera software that will be installed on Oracle Big Data Appliance and would like to know what is the latest version for

For Oracle Big Data Appliance Software - what is the latest version?, as download site takes to

Oracle BDA Configuration Generation Utility 4.14.0 (supports Cloudera CDH 5.16).

Should we get security approvals for CDH  5.16 or later version CDH 6.x. We want to avoid any outdated or known critical vulnerabilities for fourth-party dependencies. Hadoop 2.6.0 version bundled with Cloudera 5.16.2 results have fourth-party dependencies that are outdated and/or can have known critical vulnerabilities.

Can Oracle Big Data Appliance work with latest versions of Hadoop