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java virtual machine

Geeviz Member Posts: 1
edited Sep 25, 2019 5:25AM in Java 3D

Hi people,

I am Geeviz, pretty new here

Admins: Feel free to (re)place this topic to the right corner since I don't know for 100% where to place it.

Since a while I am pretty pleased with an old race game, Carmageddon 2, especially since I can build my own cars, with the tool CarEd. This tool uses a pretty old Java version...


Who can help me (see below) to transfer the old Java to the appropriate 2019 versions of it for Windows 10? I really would like to open JAR files on my

computer but it crashes with  "Could Not Create Java Virtual Machine" and/or empty CMD screens.

I have managed to add lines for java in the environment paths in windows system settings for managing the amount of memory but that sort no effect for now


I really go bezerk since there are so many versions of Java...

Cheers, Geeviz.

1.2 SETUP 

You will need to install the Java 2 platform and the Java 3D extension from Sun.
Currently The Java 3D runtime only supports Open-GL for Windows so you need that
as well. If you are using Win98 or NT4.0 the Open-GL support should already be there.
You can find the Java 2 platform here: (about 9 megs)
and the Java 3D extension here:
You MUST install both the Java 1.2 platform and the Java 3D in the same directory.
The default is c:\program files\javasoft\jre\1.2 

   To run the editor, you should probably create a shortcut to the batch file that can
be found in this zip archive called cared.bat. You may need to enter the full path
to the java.exe in the batch file. It should look something like this: 

c:\progra~1\javasoft\jre\1.2\bin\java -classpath cared.jar CarEd 

   Make sure the cared.jar and the cared.bat files are in the same directory. If
you launch the .BAT file and a DOS window appears and then quickly disappears,
you will need to open up a DOS prompt, cd to the directory containing the
cared.bat and then type cared to see what the problem is.
   When the editor is running, you will notice that a DOS window will also be
running in the background. This window is used for debugging info, and will
show any errors you may encounter. If you want to get rid of it, you can replace
the java executable name in the batch file with javaw

   The only problem I have ever had running this program is when I initialize the

3D window, sometimes the editor hangs and you need to kill it by pressing Ctrl-c

in the DOS window. This bug rarely happens and it is a problem with the Java Open-GL

implementation. Other than that the editor should be pretty stable, MUCH more stable

than the Stainless PlayThing2 editor.

   You may also want to download a TWT extractor that can be found on most any

Carmageddon II site, so you can look at other models in the game.

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