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need for python-cx-oracle compatible with oracle-instantclient19.3-basic


when trying to install python-cx_oracle  and oracle-instantclient19.3-basic from, yum tries to install the latest version of each, namely:

- oracle-instantclient19.3-basic.x86_64 version

- python-cx_Oracle.x86_64 version 7.2.3-1.el7

I see them under the following section of the repository

• OracleLinux/OL7/oracle/instantclient/x86_64

• OracleLinux/OL7/developer/x86_64

But python-cx_Oracle.x86_64 version 7.2.3-1.el7 is incompatible with instantclient19.3-basic.x86_64 version .
Below is the error message I get:

How can I go about asking for a new release of python-cx_Oracle.x86_64 compatible with instantclient19.3-basic.x86_64 version ?

Many thanks for your help,


Error message:

# yum install python-cx_Oracle

Loaded plugins: changelog, kernel-module, ovl, priorities, tsflags, versionlock

621 packages excluded due to repository priority protections

Resolving Dependencies

--> Running transaction check

---> Package python-cx_Oracle.x86_64 0:7.2.3-1.el7 will be installed

--> Processing Dependency: oracle-instantclient18.3-basic >= for package: python-cx_Oracle-7.2.3-1.el7.x86_64

--> Running transaction check

---> Package oracle-instantclient18.3-basic.x86_64 0: will be installed

--> Processing Conflict: oracle-instantclient19.3-basic- conflicts

--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Beginning Kernel Module Plugin

Finished Kernel Module Plugin

Error: oracle-instantclient19.3-basic conflicts with oracle-instantclient18.3-basic-