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accessing my cloud apex app via reverse proxy (nginx) on my domain gets 404 Not Found

Keyser Member Posts: 829 Bronze Trophy


I'm new to "ORDS" and NGINX so please go easy.

I followed Dimitri Gielis blog posts to create a could compute instance, database and nginx web server ( ).  Everything works great (thank you Dimitri!), I can access my apex app using the cloud URL ( )

I would like my website to go directly to run my apex app so I pointed my website domain to the public IP address of the compute instance and configured my nginx web server to reverse proxy to my apex app but i get "The request could not be mapped to any database. Check the request URL is correct, and that URL to database mappings have been correctly configured"

I've googled it and most answers pertain to REST enabling the schema for ORDS requests but I don't understand why this should be an issue for me if the cloud URL works fine and my reverse proxy is just retrieving that URL when they go to my website.  And if I were to rest enable my schema, what do i put for url_mapping_pattern? and do i need to change my URL accordingly?

Any help appreciated



If i go to i get this...




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