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Alias with Sqlcl in path with spaces

Erik van Roon
Erik van Roon Member Posts: 57 Red Ribbon

I run into a **small** issue with alias command in SQLcl,

Running on windows.

Seen in versions 19.1 and above, not in 18.3 and below.

If SQLcl  is located in a path without spaces everything works as expected

Type in the alias command and you get a list of your currently defined aliases

But if SQLcl is in a path WITH spaces things change.

Now the first time the alias command is used an error message is shown saying it can't find the path to the "dbtools-common.jar" file, because it replaced the space with a "%20".

(see screenshot below).

Subsequent executions of alias no longer show this error message.

The funny part is: the alias command in this situation shows 86 extra built-in aliases that are not displayed when SQLcl is in a path without spaces.

The extra aliases can be viewed with "alias list" and can be executed (also when in path without spaces).

SQLcl in a path WITH space ("E:\sqlcl kopie\")

SQLcl with space.jpg

SQLcl in a path WITHOUT space ("E:\sqlcl\")

SQLcl without space.jpg

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