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Oracle ORA-03114 error

jscomputing1 Member Posts: 79 Blue Ribbon

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release

VMS Software, Inc. OpenVMS (TM) IA64 Operating System, V8.4-2L1

We have several pro*c written server code running all the time managed by Application Process Control.

These processes were running under Oracle 10.1 without any issues.

Since we moved to 11g, few of these processes get killed by Oracle, it thinking it is stuck.  I have given evidence to our DBA that that these processes were doing transactions every minute and no reason why Oracle process should kill the connection.  When this happens, we get a ORA-03114 error (not connected to Oracle).

Is there an Oracle initialization parameter which controls this?  Can we do something in the test environment to identify the reason?

Please let me know if you require further information.

Thanking you for your help in advance


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