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Database Copy is a True Jewel for Migration to ATP Database

GasparYYC Member Posts: 128 Red Ribbon

Just sharing with the SQLDeveloper team that the "Database Copy" functionality (v18.3) is an absolute jewel, I just copied a large and complex schema to ATP and that was very easy!

The bad:

  I would like to report that the 'Database Export' functionality is pretty useless for large exports e.g. missing ';' on the create index, single quotes messed up, etc.. Oracle APEX will not parse the export file, absolute PITA to manually fix that... It is a 16MB file so I think the SQLDeveloper chokes on that large amount of data and objects..   (Using 'Insert' as Save-As Option)

My Suggestion for ATP Migrations:

I  would like to suggest to the SQLDeveloper team to build a specific solution for 'ATP Migrations' with the right considerations appropriate for that operation.

The Database Copy worked fine for objects but what about APEX applications? That's another operation that I know has bad glitches for large size Applications.

In a perfect world I would like to migrate my development database completely in a 'clone and go' fashion..

Thank you for your consideration


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