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Connection getting refused for ATS helper service port

User_SMH0V Member Posts: 3 Employee

One of our client is facing the issue where the setup is as below.

  1. Openscript installed in Windows 10 VDI.
  2. Forms application deployed on Weblogic and Weblogic is installed in AIX
  3. When Openscript is trying to launch same Forms application, it is failing and we are finding below error in applet logs.

It is to be noted that same Openscript installed in the same windows 10 VDI is working fine for different forms application which has been deployed on Linux machine.

Helper Service Message :<Message name = "StartConnection" port="7780"/>

Start ComunnicationLayer with browser id/process id:18004

Forms Session ID is WLS_FORMS.formsapp.1747 Connection refused: connect

at Method)

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

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