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Oracle 19c: Visual Studio 2019 supported for OCI applications?


I am looking for confirmation that using Oracle 19c OCI application build with Visual Studio 2019 is supported.

The software requirements in the "Oracle 19c Database Installation Guide" from July 2019 mention only Visual Studio 2017 update 6 or later for Oracle Call Interface.

Are there any plans to support the Visual Studio 2019 compiler for OCI applications in Oracle 19?





  • User_8B2SH
    User_8B2SH Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


    I have a similar question for which I have not yet found a concrete answer in the documentation or anywhere else on the net.

    Is it still possible to develop Oracle OCI/OCCI applications with Visual Studio 2019/2022 or is the support gone.

    The documentation states Visual Studio 2015 as the latest version.