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Reports 6i to 10g: strange.... table or view does not exist

Ora_Learner890 Member Posts: 368
edited Nov 20, 2019 2:18AM in Reports

hi all,

in process (starting) of migration from 6i to 10g, we had a TREE style main menu which is calling / running Forms and Reports.

All Reports are calling directly with their parameter forms.

When compiling ( Ctrl + Shift + K ), saving and running from report builder it is running fine

When running main form within Form builder, connecting with same user, it loads and calling report, it is showing error

"  table or view does not exist  "

why showing this error, i am connecting and running main Form with same user and there is not LOGOUT / LOGON.

please guide for it, is there anything in configuration required?


EDIT:  sql code in Before Parameter Form trigger is running but others including Triggers are always showing the same error.