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Fonts issue when upgrading Oracle forms 6i from Windows to 12c Linux

4139465 Member Posts: 1

Fonts issue :

The problems we have with the fonts is that it generates difference by not recognizing the correct type of font on linux but we can see that the sources are properly recognized and a good design is seen. In the current system (forms 6i), the source is MS Sans Serif, our process is to validate the migration in a windows environment, and at this time the font type MS Sans Serif does not generate a great distortion as can be seen in the application 6i , however, when passing it to Linux and it does not recognize these sources, it is assigning a source called fixed in which in that assigned type it generates a more obvious distortion. Forms builder on Linux 12c(here we deploy our fonts). The prompt font name has MS Sans Serif however when I see from the properties of the object I only see the only font recognized in linux is the fixed font. This is fields in font Wingdings, but in linux don’t recognize font wingding.

Wingding issue :

After generating the PDF that comes from reports12c, it opens correctly in CHROME and shows the wingdings fonts, however, when recording the PDF and trying to see it in adobe acrobat we see that the wingding font is lost,

When Open PDF from IExplorer (own laptop). On the client's PC when we open the same PDF from IExplorer the wingding font is lost and it looks as if we had opened it from Adobe Acrobat

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