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Reports Server Not Showing Up

User_SBEOO Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited Dec 14, 2019 6:23AM in Reports

Our reports server does not show when we run the rwdiag -findAll command and the Applications folder does not exist in the WLS_REPORTS folder (Domain Home\config\fmwconfig\servers\WLS_REPORTS) on one of our servers.

Windows Server 2016.  Oracle Forms and Reports 12.2.1.

A few months ago We installed Oracle Forms 12c  on 2 different servers on 2 different networks and the forms all work fine.  We did not install/configure Oracle Reports at that time because we were going to use a third party application.  We have changed our minds.  We installed and configured a reports server on one of our servers on one of our networks and it works fine.  We now need to install Reports on a different server on a different network (these networks are not connected to the internet or each other).  These are the steps we have went through. 

1.  I stopped the Forms Server, the AdminServer, and the node manager in that order.

2.  I went through the configuration wizard again (oracle_home\oracle_common\common\bin\config.cmd)

     A.  I selected Update an existing domain and the domain location had my Forms domain already filled in.

     B.  On the templates screen, this time I added "Oracle Reports Application", "Oracle Reports Tools", and "Oracle Reports Server".

     C.  On the database configuration screen I clicked the Get RCU Configuration button and it all went fine.  All the JDBC Test went fine.

     D.  On the advanced configuration screen I selected all the options to go through all the options.

     E.  On the managed servers screen I added WLS_Reports.  Set the port to 9002.  For server groups I selected Reports-Apps-Servers.

     F.  I created a new cluster simply named cluster_reports.

     G.  The next setting I changed was I added the WLS_Reports server to the cluster_reports cluster.

     H.  On the Assign Servers to Machines screen, I added WLS_Reports to the AdminServerMachine.

     I.  All the other screens, I left as the defaults.  I clicked the "Update" button and everything went fine.

3.  I restarted the node manager, AdminServer, and Forms Server in that order.  I then started WLS_REPORTS in the weblogic console and it says it is running.

Our new report server is not showing when we run the rwdiag -findAll command.  We cannot get to https://servername:port/reports/rwservlet.  (Again, the Applications folder does not exist, so there is no file so we cannot update that file to add the webcommandaccess L2 option.)

I have tried to compare everything I can think of between these 2 servers and do not see anything different.  These servers are on closed networks and I cannot provide any logs or screenshots.  We cannot copy files between the 2 servers using external media either.

Can any of you think of something we did on the working server that we might have missed on the second server?

~ Shane Newman