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SSH Tunnel fails with "No more authentication methods available"

Robert Schaefer
Robert Schaefer Member Posts: 39 Bronze Badge
edited Jan 6, 2020 3:20PM in SQL Developer

With SQL Developer 19.4 i'm still receiving the error message "No more authentication methods available"  while connecting via SSH tunnel. The information in Doc ID 2575854.1 is inadequate, it just points out to regenerate the keys in OpenSSH format.

In my case I've already used keys in OpenSSH format and beginning with 19.2 the connections started to fail. I regenerated the private public keys by using "ssh-keygen" on different platforms (MacOS, Linux) and protocols (RSA 2048, RSA 4096). I also converted the key to RFC4716 format (see All formats are no longer accepted. In 19.1 the SSH tunnel works fine for me.

What has been changed in SQL Developer? Any clarifications about the OpenSSH format to be used?

thatJeffSmith-OracleRoland MuellerRobert SchaeferFreek D'Hooge

Best Answer

  • John McGinnis-Oracle
    John McGinnis-Oracle Member Posts: 245 Employee
    edited Jan 2, 2020 7:07PM Answer ✓

    What platform are you on? What are the permissions for the keyfile and directory containing the keyfile? In particular, are the file/directory permission set to permit only the current user to read them? Our new library defaults to enforcing the recommended SSH security practice of having keyfiles be readable by only the current user.

    thatJeffSmith-OraclethatJeffSmith-OracleRoland MuellerRobert Schaefer