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APEX 19.2 Popup LOV validation bug

EJ-Egyed Member Posts: 125 Blue Ribbon

I believe I may have discovered a bug when using a Popup LOV field type in APEX 19.2. I have set up the following scenario in the example below.

  1. Create a dynamic List of Values off of a SQL query
  2. Add Additional Display Columns so that at least 2 columns are visible/searchable
  3. Create a form page with a Popup LOV field that is using the LOV that was just created
  4. Make sure the Popup LOV field is marked as required.
  5. Load the page, and attempt to submit the page while leaving the field blank. The error will appear.

I have set up a reproducible test case on at the link below:

1. Click on a box on the calendar to open up a modal window.

2. Click on Create to submit the page (do not select an Employee)

At this point, an ORA error appears on the page when a nice validation error should appear because the field has been marked as Value Required in the attributes of the field.

The rest of the fields on the page properly check that a value has been entered, but not the Popup LOV.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, reproduced it themselves, or have a workaround?