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sqlcl NullPointerException with liquibase

dherzhau Member Posts: 19 Red Ribbon

I tried to deploy a some tables with sqlcl (Version 19.4) against a ORACLE 12.2 database from a redHat linux box.

The changelog is working fine with a vanilla liquibase (3.8.5 )

After I connected to the database and started the deployment I received immediately the NUllpointer exception. In case you might wonder we have connectetd changelog and therefore he started with the initial file: 2.24.5

SQL> lb update db.changelog-3.29.0.xml

Feb 06, 2020 12:09:15 PM liquibase.logging.core.Slf4jLogger severe

SEVERE: Change Set xxxxxx-2.24.5/createdb.sql::liquibase-2.24.5-1::herzhd failed.  Error: null

Liquibase konnte die Anforderung derzeit nicht verarbeiten (allgemeiner Fehler).

Migration failed for change set xxxxxx/createdb.sql::liquibase-2.24.5-1::herzhd:

     Reason: java.lang.NullPointerException

The changelog:

<databaseChangeLog xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:ext="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

    <!-- initial Versions: -->

        <include file="db.changelog-3.28.0.xml"             relativeToChangelogFile="true"/>

    <!-- new with this version: -->

        <include file="./xxxxxx-3.29.0/1_Sprint29_US2654_ddl.sql"             relativeToChangelogFile="true"/>

        <include file="./xxxxxx-3.29.0/2_Sprint29_US2652_ddl.sql"             relativeToChangelogFile="true"/>


Initial changeset excerpt:

--liquibase formatted sql

--changeset herzhd:liquibase-2.24.5-1 splitStatements:false endDelimiter="\n/"

--preconditions onFail:MARK_RAN onError:HALT

--precondition-sql-check expectedResult:0 SELECT COUNT(*) tab_count FROM user_tables where table_name = 'HISTORY'


for c in (select sequence_name from user_sequences) loop

execute immediate ('drop sequence '||c.sequence_name);


So any Idea what is wrong?

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