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Backup e Data Migration, what's the best way to do it?

user8737397 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2020 in Brasil

Hi, I'm Luis Guedes. I am testing Apex, and I created an application that I will later deploy in an office, and I will use it professionally. The Application is almost completely completed, and I inserted a lot of information in the bases that I will use in the production installation. The migration of data from one database, to another, is quite laborious, so I created a process where I sign you all the tables whose contents are relevant and that I will take to the professional environment. Based on this data I created a Procedure, which searches for these tables, in the order they need to be recreated. Procedure generates "Insert" commands and already contains the data for each record in the table. In a few minutes I have all the information from my base, already in an insert format for the other environment, where I can make these insertions en masse. Of course, in the new environment, I recreate the tables without PKs and Triggers, and only after loading the data do I upload these definitions. It took a lot of work for me to be able to create this process, but today it is practically ready and it has greatly facilitated the work of recreating my database in a new environment .... if anyone is curious or interested in getting to know this process better, among contact by E-Mail [email protected]. I think Oracle could offer something like this in the future for the general public. The Process serves to back up the data, or to migrate the data from one environment to another. Thanks for listening. February / 2020.

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