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Editing view that selects from table with same name via database link gives Java errors

user10440593 Member Posts: 22 Blue Ribbon

1. On a new empty design, in the Relational Model, create a new View named "VIEW_1".

2. In the View's Query section, enter "SELECT x FROM [email protected]" and click OK.

3. Double-click the View, and change the Query to "SELECT x, x FROM [email protected]" and click OK.

The "Logging Page" now shows "null at" and the Properties dialog does not close.

Closing the dialog via "X" leads to other new errors.

I believe this is a workaround:

1. Change the query so it selects from [email protected] instead.

2. Make whatever other changes to the view you want.

3. Rename the view to VIEW_3

4. Change the query back so it selects from [email protected]

5. Rename the view back to VIEW_1

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