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Report - Analysis - When I add new criterium, shown record would multiply

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Hi, I am using Analysis in Report and Analytics to create a report, that uses data from two subject areas (Sales - CRM Account Relationship and Sales - CRM Contacts). I connected it according to documentation. It works, but there is one problem. When I need to add some of the fields from the second subject area as a new criterium, the records will multiply and it creates more rows than before adding new criterium.

I need to add another criterium, it should add chosen value from fixed choice list, but it will create a record for every value of this fixed choice list. Same goes for checkbox and even text field, but not for every field. 

So it left me with something like this.

id - name - date - job title

033 - Peter - 130220 - sales rep

033 - Peter - 130220 - configurator

033 - Peter - 130220 - manager

033 - Peter - 130220 - developer

033 - Peter - 130220 - director

But when i look into contacts, there is one chosen value "developer". So it should be only one record in report just like this:

033 - Peter - 130220 - developer