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Oracle Licensing on EC2 for Development or Test

User_FVBX2 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Mar 3, 2020 3:02AM in DevOps Discussions

Hello Everyone,

I'm brand new to oracle, but I've been task with researching oracle costs for AWS (I've already priced RDS, so don't need options there.) but I'm now tasked with pricing running oracle on an EC2 instances. My understanding is that for every 2 vCPUs on an ec2 instance you basically must use 1 oracle processor license. Which has made pricing production instances pretty straight forward to me.

Where I am confused is that I am being told when Oracle is used in a development or test environment, it uses Named User Plus Perpetual licenses, instead of processor licenses.  This is is confusing to me. Is this even applicable to an AWS ec2 instance in development or test environment and if so how would I determine when a license is used and what the costs is?

Thanks so much for any and all help.



  • Srn87-Oracle
    Srn87-Oracle Member Posts: 8 Employee
    edited Mar 3, 2020 3:02AM


        I am assuming you are trying to find out the costs of running oracle database on an AWS EC2 instance.

    As far as i know,oracle database edition is free to use as long as it is used for non-production/non-commercial usages etc.Oracle licensing is not a straightforward topic and i doubt there is very little information in public domain on this.The licensing can be done based on many aspects,such as named users connecting to the db or based on db processors itself.Customer generally  has to work with Oracle sales to figure out a licensing plan that best suits their requirements.

    Hence,I would suggest you to get in touch with your oracle sales representative who can give you the exact figures and conditions in terms of costing.

    By the way,I think,running oracle on OCI could be far cheaper than running oracle on AWS EC2.