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How to trace a JDBC connection

Can I trace a thin ojdbc connection in 12.2 using something like described in 793415.1 vs. something like 1050942.1?

I have a 3rd party app that I can't control the use of the ojdbc call, so I'd like to do it without having to mess with the app itself.




  • nihitthakkar
    nihitthakkar Member Posts: 92 Red Ribbon

    Procedure to trace a JDBC Connection Using the Command Line:

    1. Display the current configuration by running the command: java -jar <installation_path>\ngdbc.jar SHOW (on Linux or Unix, use / instead of \).

    2. Optionally, show the available trace command line options: java -jar <installation_path>\ngdbc.jar -h.

    3. Select trace options by running the command: java -jar <installation_path>\ngdbc.jar <option>.

    4. Start tracing by running the command: java -jar <installation_path>\ngdbc.jar TRACE ON.

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