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display the photo obtained using the request without saving it

AndriiPrincip Member Posts: 36 Red Ribbon
edited Mar 24, 2020 12:10AM in APEX Discussions
  json_table      apex_json.t_values; <br/>  sCount int; <br/>  l_clob CLOB;<br/>  V_JSON64 clob; <br/>  V_SNAPSHOT blob; <br/>Begin<br/>  v_url := 'http://myURL' ; <br/>  l_clob:= apex_web_service.make_rest_request(p_url => v_url, p_http_method=> 'GET');<br/>  apex_json.parse(tv, l_clob); <br/>  V_JSON64 := apex_json.get_clob (p_values => json_table, p_path => 'snapshot', p0 => 3); <br/>  V_SNAPSHOT := iot_general.clob_base64_to_blob (p_clob => V_JSON64); <br/>  END;Declare <br/>  v_url varchar2(1000); <br/>  tv apex_json.t_values; 

I have a question about whether it is possible to display a photo that was received via a BASE 64 query. I have a link but a photo, I eat it downloaded with the help of the code

On the way out, I have a photo in V_SNAPSHOT, but how to display it when this is not saving it I cannot understand, I will be grateful for your help)