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Installation fails in Oracle19c DBCA

Baral96 Member Posts: 1
edited Apr 2, 2020 9:23AM in Database Installation

Hi All,

I am getting the following error when running the Oracle19c DBCA . The installation fails and shows the following message

"Error while executing "C:\app\Oracle19c\db_home\rdbms\admin\dbmssml.sql". Refer to "C:\app\Baral\cfgtoollogs\dbca\orcl\dbmssml0.log" for more details. Error in Process: C:\app\Oracle19c\db_home\perl\bin\perl.exe"

I am installing Windows 10 Professional edition

Moreover the dbmssml0.log file mentioned in the error message is empty

Please help me resolve it .




  • BPeaslandDBA
    BPeaslandDBA Member Posts: 4,615 Blue Diamond
    edited Mar 25, 2020 10:54AM

    The DBCA should create a master log file as well. It is probably in something like $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/dbca/dbsid

    Look in there for log files that might give you clues as to the problem.



  • Ahmed AbdelFattah
    Ahmed AbdelFattah Member Posts: 8 Red Ribbon
    edited Apr 2, 2020 9:23AM


    is this the first database you ever created against this oracle home?

    Did the oracle software installation go smoothly?

    can you try to stop any antivirus during the database creation (while running the DBCA)?



  • User_WXO00
    User_WXO00 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

    Creating and starting Oracle instance

    [FATAL] Error while executing "C:\db_home_19c\rdbms\admin\dbmssml.sql". Refer to "C:\oracle_db_19c\cfgtoollogs\dbca\orcl\dbmssml0.log" for more details. Error in Process: C:\db_home_19c\perl\bin\perl.exe

    Look at the log file "C:\oracle_db_19c\cfgtoollogs\dbca\orcl\orcl.log" for further details.

    Oracle Database Configuration Assistant failed.

    how can i solved, please help me?