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post method bind variables

Arif2018 Member Posts: 206 Red Ribbon
edited April 2020 in Node.js

i am trying to understand the post method from node js to oracle on google but most of the examples are confusing or hard for me to understand.

i have some doubts , do we need to use bind variables everytime when we use post/delete and put methods.Appreciate if someone can post example without bind variables as i will be sending data from Angular front end.

What is the difference between router and controller , as i went through this good article.



  • Christopher Jones-Oracle
    Christopher Jones-Oracle Member Posts: 1,630 Employee
    edited April 2020

    You already appear to have a discussion started at

    And, if so, I had already replied via email that "You should use bind variables as much as possible.  They are important for scalability and security.  There are only a few cases not to use them."  You can google any Oracle resource about using bind variables.  They are not unique to node-oracledb.

    I suggest you follow up using your GitHub issue.  Thanks!

  • nihitthakkar
    nihitthakkar Member Posts: 121 Blue Ribbon

    Node.js is not a programming language, it is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment to execute JavaScript code outside a web browser. It runs that runs on the Chrome V8 engine.

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