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Accessing Oracle from VS Code

User_NVMUJ Member Posts: 12 Red Ribbon

I'm getting started with the Oracle extension for VS Code.  I'm not an Oracle specialist.  Up until now I've been using LINQPAD and use a setup like this:



Which is the correct connection type to use in the Oracle extension for VS Code?  The closest one I found looks like this:


but that fails with this error:


so I guess I'm doing this wrong. FWIW I'm not sure what the difference is between server name and service name since LINQPAD only has server name

What is the right connection type to use here?

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Best Answer

  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 1,856 Employee
    edited April 2020 Accepted Answer

    If you are truly using LDAP, then you are unfortunately out of luck as these tools do not currently support LDAP (we hope to in a coming release).

    Try searching your whole hard drive for TNSNAMES.ORA in case you have a copy where you don't expect to see if you can get a service name there. Also try contacting your DBA to see if you can connect using a service name rather than LDAP.


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