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BIP Report not able to upload a Zipped CSV into an UCM Demand Input account

4154143 Member Posts: 1


I have created a DM and a layout in Cloud 20A BIP Reports. (The sample is very simple since what I need is to extract some measure data, transform and post it back to SCM Demand Inputs UCM account).

The output is just a CSV file which has to be zipped.

Two points here to be solved:

1- The only way to zip the file is running the report through BIP directly (than it shows an option to compact the file).

When defining the Custom ESS, I havent found any option to set the default output to be a Zipped CSV.

Is there an option to make the ESS or BIP Report itself to always have output as zipped CSV?

2- The File is posted into a generic UCM account.

During the execution time, went into advanced and set the output to go to content server but the ESS only shows the option to chose the security group but not to point which is the UCM folder/account it has to be.

Appreciate any help in advance,


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