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Trying to connect to the Oracle ATP : ORA-01031

F.Matz Member Posts: 35 Red Ribbon
edited April 2020 in Forms


I have installed Oracle Forms standalone on Windows 10 and it works very well for me.

Now I am trying to connect to my Oracle ATP Cloud DB and I see following error:


After this error the connection works and I can build the table based objects in Forms.

However, I have not yet tested an Oracle Forms runtime session on my Oracle ATP database..,

will it work ?

It appears that the Oracle ATP database contains session restrictions for Oracle Forms.



Best Answer

  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Member Posts: 6,490 Employee
    edited April 2020 Accepted Answer

    The use of ATP is currently not supported with any version of Forms.  The error you are seeing is only one of several issues preventing us from supporting ATP.  We (Forms team) are working with the Cloud DB team to engineer the needed solution(s) to allow Forms to work properly with ATP.  That investigation is ongoing at this time.  Once Forms can be used reliably with ATP an announcement will be made.  Until that time, using ATP is not recommended and issues associated with its use will not be supported.  If you want to use a Cloud DB service, use Database Cloud Service.  Once/if ATP becomes supported, you can migrate your data to ATP.

    Note that we are already anticipating at least one Forms code change (patch) that likely will become necessary if support in is possible.  No estimated times are available yet.


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