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How can I make a report viewable only once?

Darren2 Member Posts: 56
edited May 5, 2020 3:04AM in Reports

Currently on database 11g.  Report server info says version .

I noted a problem years ago that a person could view a report without logging in.  At the time, we were mandated to allow a user only one session.  Attempts to view a report would generate the error that the user exceeded the number of allowable sessions.  Evidently, the form counted as one session and trying to display a report counted as a second session.  This issue was mitigated by using a service account to display reports.  The service account was not limited to 1 session.  The service account username and password were on the report line within the cgicmd.dat file.  So while this allowed the users to view reports, it has a side effect.  Anybody could view a cached report.  I could copy the url line for the report, which was along the lines of http://servername:1234/reports/rwservlet/getjobid1  (or something like that.  .  My syntax is probably off a bit, but you get the idea).  Since the username/password was stored in the cgicmd.dat file, anybody on the network could view a cached report.

Things have changed... we are migrating to database 12c and I believe we are also migrating to forms and report 12c.  The company hired contractors to convert our forms and reports and they said they fixed that issue with anybody being able to view the cached reports.  However, when I test, I can still view it.  The contractors are gone (insert shocked faced).  The method of accessing the reports has also changed.  Now the url is accessing a pdf file, http://servername:1234/forms/output/report123.pdf which I can still copy, save, and view later when I'm not logged in.

I've tried to search online using various search criteria and I'm not coming up with anything pertinent.  Since I cannot fix the session/service account part of the equation, I was hoping there was a way to display a report but NOT save it to the cache.  So the user could view the report one time and once they close the tab in the browser, the report is gone forever.  Is this possible?