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Looking for the Oracle LMS Collection Tool

4262449 Member Posts: 1

I am looking for the Oracle LMS Collection Tool, a script to be run against an Oracle Database for licensing data collection.

Can anyone please tell me where I can download the script ?

Thank you and best regards


  • G R McHugh-Oracle
    G R McHugh-Oracle Member Posts: 9 Employee


    Please check the following article under MOS, there is a script that provides more info about the different features used.

    Database Options/Management Packs Usage Reporting for Oracle Databases 11gR2, 12c, 12cR2 and 18c (Doc ID 1317265.1)


    COLUMN name  FORMAT A60
    COLUMN detected_usages FORMAT 999999999999
    FROM   dba_feature_usage_statistics u1
    WHERE  u1.version = (SELECT MAX(u2.version)
                         FROM   dba_feature_usage_statistics u2
                         WHERE =
    AND    u1.detected_usages > 0
    AND    u1.dbid = (SELECT dbid FROM v$database)
    ORDER BY name;
    NAME                                                         DETECTED_USAGES CURRE VERSION
    ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------- ----- -----------------
    Adaptive Plans                                                             1 TRUE
    Automatic Maintenance - Optimizer Statistics Gathering                     1 TRUE
    Automatic Maintenance - SQL Tuning Advisor                                 1 TRUE
    Automatic Maintenance - Space Advisor                                      1 TRUE
    Automatic Reoptimization                                                   1 TRUE
    Automatic SGA Tuning                                                       1 TRUE
    Automatic SQL Execution Memory                                             1 TRUE
    Automatic Segment Space Management (system)                                1 TRUE
    Automatic Undo Management                                                  1 TRUE
    Backup Rollforward                                                         1 TRUE
    Backup and Restore of plugged database                                     1 TRUE
    NAME                                                         DETECTED_USAGES CURRE VERSION
    ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------- ----- -----------------
    Character Set                                                              1 TRUE
    Deferred Segment Creation                                                  1 TRUE
    Flashback Database                                                         1 TRUE
    Job Scheduler                                                              1 TRUE
    LOB                                                                        1 TRUE
    Locally Managed Tablespaces (system)                                       1 TRUE
    Locally Managed Tablespaces (user)                                         1 TRUE
    Logfile Multiplexing                                                       1 TRUE
    Oracle Java Virtual Machine (system)                                       1 TRUE
    Oracle Managed Files                                                       1 TRUE
    Oracle Multitenant                                                         2 TRUE
    NAME                                                         DETECTED_USAGES CURRE VERSION
    ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------- ----- -----------------
    Oracle Pluggable Databases                                                 1 TRUE
    Parallel SQL Query Execution                                               1 TRUE
    Partitioning (system)                                                      1 TRUE
    Recovery Area                                                              1 TRUE
    Result Cache                                                               1 TRUE
    SQL Plan Directive                                                         1 TRUE
    SecureFiles (system)                                                       1 TRUE
    SecureFiles (user)                                                         1 TRUE
    Server Parameter File                                                      1 TRUE
    Traditional Audit                                                          1 TRUE
    Unified Audit                                                              1 TRUE
    33 rows selected.