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JavaScript support

Does anyBody have an idea about when a version of Oracle Help for Java with a Javascript-enabled browser will be available

Thanks for your help


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    158840 Member Posts: 4
    Correct if I'm wrong, but are you asking if Oracle Help for Java (OHJ) works with Netscape and IE?

    OHJ does work with Netscape 4 and later, and with IE 4 and later.

    Special information about running OHJ from a web browser is available in the OHJ FAQ on OTN

    Poh Lee
  • 317819
    317819 Member Posts: 2
    No sorry, my question is about the java web browser integrated in OHJ (when using OHJ for a java Application).

    I'd like to add javascript in my html help files. It seems not to be supported in the current version (The doc mention some on-going discussions with ICE Soft for a java browser supporting javascript)...

    hope it makes sense now :-)

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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171 Green Ribbon
    OHJ integrates an Oracle-modified version of the ICE browser for
    displaying HTML. Support of JavaScript in this browser has not yet been

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