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dbms_optim_bundle package on upgrade to 19c from 18c

user2981747 Member Posts: 20 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 11, 2020 2:49PM in Database Upgrade
_fix_control'26986173:1', '26790514:1', '26423085:1', '27321179:1', '27745220:1', '27541468:1', '27466597:1', '28072567:1', '28201419:1', '24841671:1', '26536320:1'added through dbms_optim_bundle package

Should I remove this from the spfile when performing an upgrade to 19c from 18c?


  • Daniel Overby Hansen-Oracle
    Daniel Overby Hansen-Oracle Posts: 93 Employee
    edited Jun 11, 2020 2:49PM

    The answer is - it depends. Take for instance bug 26986173 (the first one). It affects only versions below 19c, so that should be removed during upgrade. Also, the next one, bug 26790514, is also fixed in 19 base release. It can be removed.

    Go through each of them. If the issue isn't fixed in 19c you should evaluate whether you still want to use the workaround/fix control.

    You can get information about the bugs on My Oracle Support. Also, please remember that it is our clear recommendation that you always install the latest Release Update before you do the upgrade.