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Issue with receiving multiple recon files for same account same day w/Oracle Fusion Cash Management

Hello Team,

Has anyone come up with a work around or solution for Oracle Fusion Cash Management to receive multiple recon file from a bank for same account number same business day.  The issue is we're working to setup three separate BAI2 files from the bank and due to a system limitation within Oracle Fusion Cash Management the first file of the is picked up but once any additional files are sent Oracle Fusion Cash Management sees the files as duplicate and are not received.   This is regardless of unique file name too.  The limitation is Oracle Fusion Cash Management receiving more than one file for the same account number on the same business day.

The bank is unfortunate unable to combine the files into one file as they are from different systems that are entirely separate.  Has anyone seen a workaround or a solution for this limitation within Oracle Fusion Cash Management?

Thank you in advance for your time.